Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This year is Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day! So.. Put an iLoveMalaysia logo on website to win iPhone 3GS,.. REALLY?

YES! This is a chance for you to win yourself one fancy, must-have smartphone - iPhone 3GS worth RM 2500 each!
Wow... iPhone 3GS tue... Best nyer... Nak jugak!!!!

So apa tunggu lagi.... Express your love towards our beloved Malaysia and win a grand prize (Apple iPhone 3GS (worth RM2500) x 2 winners) or there are still have other cool and expensive consolation prizes (Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB x 10 winner)

How to join in? Senang jer...

- Click on this website
- Fill in the form
- And please add my email shazrin98@yahoo.com as your referrer. Don't forget key...
- You will receive an email from Exabytes with the title "Thank You For Participating In 'iLove Malaysia' Campaign"!
- Click on the link in the email to get the generated Java script coding.
- Follow the instructions on the page to upload the coding.
- You are done! Congratulations!

Senang jer kan...
So... Tunggu apa lagi..
Mudah jer kan...
"Bersama2 lah kita berusaha agar kita menjadi pemenangnya.... "

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