Monday, September 7, 2009

MOBS & Huiwearn Kids Store (HKS) Little Bookworms Contest

Okey, here is the new contest coming up by Mobs & Huiwearn Kids Store (HKS)
If you have a lil' prince or princess, which love to read books. Come lets join this Little Bookworm Contest .. Hurry up.. Check it out HERE !!!
You can stand a chance to win great prizes!

Name : Muhammad Ali Imran Bin Mohd Subky
Age : 10 month
"Mama.. cepat lar. Ali dah tak sabar nak counting nie... Banyak gambar yg cantik2 nie"

Favourite book title & short description

--> Carry & Learn Numbers

--> This is his 1st book I bought for him. Actualy before this he already have 3 books which I got when I bought a product Heinz Farley’s Rushs. It was a story book about The Nest, The Rainy Day and The Dinosours.. He looks very interested with thats book. But, since Imran is still young to read that book, so I decide to buy this Carry & Learn Numbers for him. This is a step for him to learn about numbers. He like this books because it have a very colurful graphica& a few interested pictures. I and my husband always teach him how to count. We read & translate for him one by one. We show him 1..2..3..4..until 10. I always ask him to count anytime and anywhere. Especially when i want to take his attention.
He now can say a few numbers. Even not in full word (like 'ga' for 'tiga' or 'ma' for lima), but it already make me proud with him. I know he learn from what he hear and see.

Why is it your little bookworm’s favourite book?

-->He loves counting. And he liike to see a colourful graphics and pictures of animal inside that book.

Contest ends 1st October 2009.

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