Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day Out to Dream World

Today we decided to went out for a relaxing and enjoying at Dream World, Bangkok...
Wah! Best nyer.. Masa mula2 ayah decide nak gi Dream World, mama yg excited. Tp buat slumber jer.. Hehehehe.. Syok nyer... (Anak2 kecik lg.. So apa yg diaorg fhm kan..) Yeah, coz ayah kn x brp suka ke tmpt2 mcm nie. Thanks bang... Love you.. Hehhehehe... Not only today key. Every day, every time.. My love just for you..

Come, lets enjoy the picture we take at there...

Berposing dpn pintu msk Dream World bersama anak2..

This is Dream World....

Ayah & anak2 plak.. :)

Putera Ali tgh tunggu tn puteri ker?

The beautiful place.. At love Garden... Beautiful car made from roses..

Ali.. Erm like alwiz. Afraid to stay with the doll..

Frame pic of Alif...

Frame Alif tue ada story actualy. Masa tu secara x sengaja, my hubby ternmpk seorg staff Dream World bawa frame nie. Dia kata "Eh, tu mcm gambar Alif jer kat frame yg dia tu bawa". So, I pun ckp kt my hubby.. "Cuba aar pi tgk.. Kot2 betoi gambar Alif"
And yes... its true. Gambar Alif.. Owh, so nice. Bila masa la diaorg capture gambar anak mama nie.. Byk peminat rupanya anak mama nie yer... :)

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