Friday, September 4, 2009

NADE NOOK Contest!!

Ada sesiapa yg nak dapatkan 1 shawl secara percuma?
Shawl yg dipilih sendiri.. Tak kira berapa pun pricenya..
Tak percaya??? Ish.. betul laa... Korang tak salah baca...
It'll giving by nadenook...
But, as alway. There r some rules to follow..

1. Copy or save the NADE NOOK contest banner above.
2. Paste it to your blog.
3. Link the banner to our blog which is
4. Send us (
nadenook) an email ( with the title NADE NOOK contest and give us (nade nook) your name, blog URL and contact number.
5. Send us your entry before 12 June 2009. That's All!!

See.. Syarat2 nyer mudah jer.
Kalau dapat shawl tu nnt, boleh pakai masa raya nnt kan..

"What are u waiting for?? Lets join love!!" -from nade nook-

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